An adult immigrant must always first get a sufficient command of the Finnish language. Part of the integration plan is usually integration training that includes Finnish language teaching. If you already have a job, you can ask you employer about your chances to go to a Finnish language course. You can also ask at the adult education center if they have Finnish language evening courses. The adult education center also offers a chance to participate in many other fields’ evening courses.

Education in Finland is of high quality. Differences in different schools’ learning results are small and almost everyone completes comprehensive school within target time. Preschool education, basic education and upper secondary education are free, and also after that education is mostly free. The goal is that everyone has a chance to get high-quality education regardless of their family’s income and to grow into active citizens.

The education system consists of early childhood education, preschool education, basic education, upper secondary education and higher education. Adult education is meant for adults and it includes many options from basic education to higher education.