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Additional information for studying

Applying for studying

Anyone who wants to study in a gymnasium, a vocational school, a university of applied sciences or a university must apply for a place in said school. You can ask more information about the method of application from the school you’re applying for.

Adult education center and music institute

The Saarijärvi adult education center offers versatile education and hobby options for all ages. The yearly selection includes about 300 courses. The education center’s operation area covers the town of Saarijärvi and the municipality of Kannonkoski. People who aren’t local residents can also participate in the courses. The adult education center’s courses charge a small course fee from the students. The address of the Old Folk School that the adult education center uses is Karhumäentie 11. There is also teaching at the School Center and the Temporary school.

The music institute offers professional high-quality music and dance teaching to children and young people. The music institute has its own teaching rooms together with the adult education center’s visual arts school at Ilolantie 6 in Saarijärvi.

You can get information about the adult education center and the music institute’s courses at the education center’s office, adr. the town hall, second floor, Sivulantie 11, tel. 044 -459 8254.

Open university

Open university offers university courses. Anyone can study at the open university. You can study at the open university even if you don’t have any degrees. Open university courses are subject to a charge.

Financing the studies

The way you finance your studies in Finland depends on your situation. It’s possible to get financial aid for students from The Social Insurance Institution (Kela). You can get financial aid for students from Kela if you

  • have registered in the population information system as permanently living in Finland
  • you have the necessary residence permit
  • your reason to stay in Finland is something other than studying.

If you move to Finland to study, you can’t get financial aid for students. For instance an exchange student can’t get financial aid for students from Finland.

Financial aid for students consists of study grant and a government guarantee for a student loan.

You can get financial aid for students if

  • you study in a gymnasium
  • you study in a vocational school or you’re completing further vocational studies
  • you study in a tertiary school

You can get study grant if you’re over 17 years old. You must study full-time. Studying full-time means that studying is your main task. You can work alongside your studies. The wage you get from your work can decrease your financial air for students.

Study grant and government guarantee for a student loan can be applied for at Kela.

More information about education of immigrants and financing the studies can be found for instance at info bank (