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Children’s daycare

In Finland children have a right to early childhood education before school age. Early childhood education is offered at day care centers and at children’s private day care. The child can also participate in early childhood education with his or her parent at a playground. The child can get early childhood education for a minimum of 20 hours per week or more if the parents work or study. The goal is to support the child’s development and well-being. The child will learn for instance social and manual skills and different facts. The child also learns skills that will help him or her to learn more.

In Saarijärvi the early childhood education is offered by the town of Saarijärvi. If you want your child to get into daycare, enrollment usually happens online: ( You can get help for dealing with the daycare matters at the town hall, adr. Sivulantie 11, Saarijärvi, tel. 044 4598 446.