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Comprehensive school

Children permanently living in Finland have compulsory education based on law. Compulsory education usually starts in the year the child turns seven and ends at the end of the school year of the calendar year when the young person turns 17.

Basic education has both a teaching and educational task. Basic education’s goal is to support the pupils’ growth as people and members of society and teach necessary information and skills. Anyone who has completed basic education has a chance to apply for postgraduate studies. Basic education is free of charge. In addition to the teaching, textbooks and other learning materials, and tools and materials are free.

Basic education is offered in Saarijärvi at comprehensive school located in the center of Saarijärvi and at village schools located in several villages.

The children starting the school in the fall are enrolled to the school in the spring. It’s done in the spring on the school’s introductory day, where the child is invited either via an announcement in a local newspaper or via a letter sent to the child’s home.

At other times the child can be enrolled to the school by contacting the principal or the head teacher of your school area. You can ask about school enrollment at the education office in the town hall, adr. Sivulantie 11, Saarijärvi, tel. 044 4598 433, or the comprehensive school principal, tel. 044 4598 305.