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Universities of applied sciences and Universities

Universities of applied sciences

Studying in a university of applied sciences is practical. When you graduate from a university of applied sciences, you often get a profession for yourself.

In a university of applied sciences you study either in Finnish, Swedish or English. Many universities of applied sciences have degree programmes in English. You can apply to a university of applied sciences once you have completed vocational school, gymnasium or matriculation examination in Finland or some other country.

A university of applied sciences can arrange free education for immigrants to give students sufficient language skills and other necessary skills for studies in a university of applied sciences. The studies include practicing things such as the Finnish language, reading expository texts and study skills. Students will also get information about the field of education, employment opportunities and studies leading to a degree. Applicants for the preparatory education are often required to have B1 or B2 level Finnish language skills.

In Saarijärvi, JAMK University of Applied Sciences offers Natural resources and the environment studies in Tarvaala. The address in Saarijärvi is Tuumalantie 17, Tarvaala. Tel. (telephone exchange) 020 743 8100.


In addition to the universities of applied sciences, traditional universities also offer tertiary education. Universities do scientific research and the teaching is based on that. In universities you can complete a higher academic degree and continue your scientific studies also after that.

Universities have many fields of study. Students who have completed a university of applied sciences or a traditional university work in various positions. The actual teaching at a university is free for a student who studies regularly in Finland and has a study place. The other expenses are on the student. The closest universities are in Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Tampere.

Universities of applied sciences and traditional universities choose their students based on school leaving certificate and entrance examinations.