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Free time and hobbies
Finland has several different municipality-organized leisure services that every resident can participate in. Additionally, different organizations and associations organize leisure time activities that are open to everyone.


People in Finland are very interested in sports. Sports hobbies can help with getting to know people and making friends. In addition to municipalities, different sports clubs organize supervised sports. In Saarijärvi Swimming Hall/Gym Aarresaari offers a variety of indoor sports for exercising: swimming, gym and supervised groups. You can book a turn for group exercise or indoor games at the sports hall located right next to Aarresaari.

Saarijärvi offers many outdoor sports options. In summer you can move on different nature or water routes enjoying the nature. In summer also the outdoor courts are available to athletes and players. In winter you can ski on different length ski tracks the town maintains. The Paavonrinteet downhill skiing center is in active use by the skiers and downhill skiers. Check out also the leisure services office’s facebook page (, where you can find up-to-date information about different sports opportunities.


In Saarijärvi you have an opportunity to participate in various cultural activities. The town is known for its versatile cultural offerings. Many notable artists, both writers and visual artists, come from the town. If you’re interested in theater activities, the town has several amateur theaters, whose activities you can participate in. If you want to participate in a music hobby, the town has several choirs and orchestras that need new members. As an adult education center and music institution student you can also study both visual arts and music.

Saarijärvi has its own museum. Information about the museum’s exhibitions and activities can be found on the museum’s own website You can get further information about the town’s other cultural offerings from Secretary of Cultural Affairs, tel. 044 4598 291, and the town’s website at


In Finland, every locality has a municipality or town library. Library is a place where you can borrow books, read newspapers and magazines, use a computer, study or participate in different events.

A library may also have story times and games for children.

Library usually has a reading room. Reading room is a quiet space, which is suitable for reading or for instance silently doing homework.

Libraries also often have a computer for using the Internet accessible to public and an Internet connection. The Saarijärvi Library’s address is Sivulantie 12, Saarijärvi. The library’s telephone number is 044 4598 257.


In addition to the services organized by the town, children and the young people have various other leisure activities on offer in Finland. These activities are organized by for instance different associations and youth and sports organizations. You can take up for instance sports, dance, music, visual arts or theater. Some of the leisure activities are directed specifically to children and young people. Some of the leisure activities are subject to a charge, but there are also free hobbies on offer. Municipalities also arrange supervised activities for children and young people.