Rental apartments

You can inquire after the municipality’s rental apartments at the town of Saarijärvi’s leasing office. The address is Sivulantie 1, first floor. The leasing office’s email address is asuntotoimisto@saarijarvi.fi. The customer service’s phone number is 014 4598 208 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 12 noon to 3 p.m.). You can see the vacant apartments at  http://www.saarijarvi.fi/vapaat-asunnot-ja-vuokrakohteet.

Real estate agents and private lessors also rent apartments. Information about the apartments they rent can be found for instance at www.vuokraovi.com.

Housing allowance

A person who lives in a rental apartment and has low income can apply for housing allowance from Kela.

Owned apartment

Owend apartment can be for instance a condo or a detached house. Owned apartment are available through for instance real estate agents. You can find Information about apartments for sale both from ads on newspapers and on different selling sites (www.etuovi.com, https://asunnot.oikotie.fi/myytavat-asunnot?ref=ot_header&cardType=100).

The selling price of the owned apartment is usually paid in full when the apartment sale is completed.

Waste management  

All garbage must be sorted and took to the property’s own garbage can. Apartment buildings and row houses usually have garbage cans for dry waste, organic waste and wastepaper in their yard. Bigger housing companies may also have other garbage cans. Dry waste is put in the garbage can packed in a plastic bag. Organic waste is put in the garbage can packed in a decomposable bio bag or for instance wrapped in a newspaper. Organic waste must not be packed in a normal plastic bag. Wastepaper is put in its garbage can as it is.

Grocery store yards or other marked waste collection points have garbage cans for glass, metal, paper, cardboard and batteries. On the side of each of the cans is information on what type of waste to put in the can.

More information about recycling and waste sorting can be found here: https://ekokumppanit.fi/wp-content/uploads/mamu_suomi.pdf