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Other services

Postal service

In Finland there are several mail distribution companies that take care of delivering letters and packets. The biggest of these distribution companies is Posti, whose offices can be found in almost every municipality and town in Finland. Through Posti you can send and receive letters and parcels to and from different sides of the world.

In Saarijärvi, Posti has branches in Pylkönmäki and the center of Saarijärvi. The Saarijärvi center’s branch is located in connection with K-supermarket Minttu at the address Torikatu 5.


Several companies offer telephone subscriptions in Finland. When you buy a telephone subscription, you will also get a Finnish telephone number. When you buy the subscription you need a Finnish identity number, and you need to have an address in Finland. You can’t have a payment default entry or an entry in your credit data file that you haven’t paid your bills. In that case you may not get a telephone subscription or you have to pay an advance payment for the subscription.

You can also buy a prepaid mobile subscription. Then you don’t need Finnish identity number and an address in Finland. A specific sum of money that can be used for calls has been loaded in advance to your pre-paid card. You can buy prepaid mobile subscriptions for instance at R-kiosks, some supermarkets or online. Call prices to foreign countries are more expensive than the country’s internal calls. When you call to other countries, find out which international call prefix allows you to make the most inexpensive call. Many companies offer affordable international call prefixes. However, the price of the call always depends on which country you are calling to. Check what is the most inexpensive option for you.


In Finland many things can be handled through Internet. You can often deal with authorities or companies through their websites. You should get an Internet connection as soon as possible once you’ve moved to Finland.

In order to get an Internet connection you must make a contract with an Internet service provider. You should compare service providers’ prices before you make the contract. Many companies that offer various different Internet connections operate in Finland. The prices of the connections vary a lot.

In libraries you can use the Internet for short amounts of time for free if you have a library card. You can get a library card from a library for free. There are also some cafés where customers can use the Internet. Similarly some town halls and for instance airports and railway stations and public transport may have an open Internet connection.


You need a bank account to manage your finances. You should compare the services and prices of different banks to find the most beneficial option for you.

When you open a bank account you will need a passport, foreigner’s identity card or some other official identification. If you don’t have a passport or a foreigner’s identity card you should check what kind of ID cards the bank accepts. Some banks accept alien’s passport that a Finnish official has issued, refugee travel document or other identification that can be accepted as a travel document. In some cases, the bank may also require other proof of identity if your document states that your identity couldn’t be verified.

You can’t prove your identity with a driver’s license.

When you open a bank account the bank has to, according to the law, ask for a report of what you’re going to use your account for. The bank is also allowed to check your credit rating. The bank needs the following information from you:

  • name
  • identity number
  • address in Finland or some other country
  • if you pay taxes to some other country than Finland, address in that other country
  • the same information about the people who have the right to use the account.

When you open a bank account you should also acquire online banking credentials. With the online banking credentials you can for instance manage many authoritative matters online. However, the requirements concerning the credentials are far stricter than the requirements for opening a bank account. That means that in some cases you won’t be able to get online banking credentials even if you have a bank account.

If you want to ask advice on bank business, you can call The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau. The service is free for the customer, so you only pay the price of the call. The service languages are Finnish, Swedish and English.

The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau

Mon-Thu 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Tel. 09 6850 120


There are several different stores and other enterprises both in the center of the town and a small distance from the center in Saarijärvi. You can find all the necessary basic services in the town. You can learn about their offers and services both online and on the local newspaper. Two local newspapers are issued in the town, Sampo –newspaper every Wednesday and Saarijärveläinen –newspaper as free distribution a few times a month. Except for some isolated exceptions the stores are open every day. The opening hours vary between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Religion and congregations

Many Christian churches and communities operate in Saarijärvi. You can search for information based on religious community and locality at Religions in Finland –service (

The majority of Finnish people (about 71 %) are part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. The Saarijärvi Evangelical Lutheran Congregation has church facilities and parish hall in Saarijärvi both in the center of the town and in the village of Pylkönmäki. The congregation organizes activities for all ages. You can learn about the activities for instance on the congregation’s website at

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