In Finland distances are long and you often have to use a vehicle for transport. In the center of Saarijärvi all the basic services are so close to each other that they can usually also be reached on foot.


Public transport

Public transport is taken care of by buses and trains. In Saarijärvi, buses run regularly between Saarijärvi and Jyväskylä and also to the west from Saarijärvi towards Karstula and to the north towards Äänekoski. Saarijärvi doesn’t have passenger traffic on trains and the closest railway station is in Jyväskylä.

Saarijärvi’s Matkahuolto services you can find at the Lahjapiste in Säästökeskus, adr. Kauppakatu 7. Passenger traffic’s bus stop is located at the address Torikatu 6. If you use a bus or a train regularly, you should buy a series ticket or a one-month season ticket. Students and retirees get a discount on buses and trains.


Several taxis and transport entrepreneurs operate in Saarijärvi. The fee taxis charge is determined by the amount of driven kilometers. You can order a taxi by phone. On Keski-Suomen Aluetaksi’s website ( you can find a rate counter that shows you the estimated cost of the drive when you enter the departure and arrival points. Regional taxi’s telephone number is 0100 866 44. The call is subject to a charge.

Private car

Buying and using a private car is fairly expensive in Finland. Cars in good condition cost several thousand euros. Owning and using a car also includes many expenses, such as gas, insurances, tires, car maintenance and repairs and car taxes.

If you have a car, you must get vehicle insurance. You can get vehicle insurance from an insurance company.

In Finland a car must be inspected and registered. Car inspections are done at car inspection stations. Registrations are done for instance at car inspection stations, insurance companies and car shops. You can also register your car online.

According to the law a car must have snow tires in the winter in Finland. You can use stud tires or studless snow tires. A car with stud tires is easier to control on a slippery road. However, you can’t use stud tires in the summer.

In Finland traffic regulations must be followed carefully. The police monitor the observance of traffic regulations. You can get fines for breaking the traffic regulations.

Driving any kind of motor vehicle is a crime, if the driver is intoxicated (alcohol or drugs).

In order to drive a car you need a driver’s license. In order to get a driver’s license, you must be at least 18 years old. Before you can get a driver’s license, you must participate in driving lessons and finish a driving test. You can get driving lessons at a driving school. Also for instance a relative or an acquaintance with driver’s license and driving experience can teach you. This requires a driving instruction permit from Trafi.

In order to drive a motorcycle you need a motorcycle license. What kind of license you need depends on what kind of motorcycle you want to drive.

In order to drive a moped you need a moped license, if you don’t have driver’s license. Moped license is not required, if you turned 15 before 1st January 2000.

In Saarijärvi driving lessons are given at Saarijärven Autokoulu ( Saarijärvi`s driving school), adr. Paavontie 17, Saarijärvi, tel. 0500 645 583.

Information about driver’s licenses can be found on the police’s and Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom’s websites.

Foreign driver’s license in Finland

If you have a driver’s license from a Nordic country, EU country or EEA country, it’s valid also in Finland. You can change it to a Finnish driver’s license, if you live in Finland permanently.

If you have a driver’s license from a country that is part of the Geneva or Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, you can drive with your license for two years at the most in Finland. You must change your license to a Finnish driver’s license within two years of your move to Finland.

If you have a driver’s license from a country that isn’t part of the Geneva or Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, you can drive with that license for a year from the time you were registered in the Finnish population register.

You can change your driver’s license to a Finnish driver’s license at Ajovarma’s service point. You can book an appointment in advance on Ajovarma’s website ( .