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Work and entrepreneurship

Applying for work

If you don’t have a job, you must become a jobseeker to ensure your livelihood. Start your job search by signing on at the TE office

When you register as an unemployed jobseeker, you can have an integration plan made for you at the TE office.

On the TE-office`s website you can search for open jobs and courses.

In addition to TE office you can search for open jobs for instance on companies’ websites and in the newspapers.

Recognition and international comparability of qualifications

When the immigrant has an academic degree from his or her home country, the immigrant can apply for the recognition of the level of a higher education degree in Finland. More information can be found on the Finnish National Agency for education´s website.


Before starting the job you must always make a written contract of employment with your employer. The contract must include the wage, working time and other such matters. The wage is always paid to the bank, so you must open a bank account. The conditions of working, such as working time and annual leave are decreed, in addition to the contract of employment, on the specific field’s collective agreement and also on the contracts of employment act and on the working time law.

The employer takes taxes (income tax) and other payments from the wage. When you start your job, you must always give your employer a tax deduction card. You get the tax deduction card from the tax office.

An employee should join a trade union or an unemployment fund. The membership of a trade union also includes the membership of an unemployment fund. Trade union supervises the employee’s interests. Find out what is your field’s trade union.

The unemployment fund pays the unemployed earnings-related unemployment allowance. You can join an unemployment fund either by joining a trade union or by paying a subscription for a non-trade union member’s general unemployment fund.

Losing your job

If you lose your job, you must register as an unemployed jobseeker at the TE office. In that case you can get labor market subsidy, basic unemployment allowance or earnings-related unemployment allowance for the time that you are unemployed to ensure your livelihood. The size of the earnings-related unemployment allowance depends on the income you had during your period of employment and you can only get it by being a member of an unemployment fund.

Starting a business

If you want to become an entrepreneur, the following steps are necessary for starting a business:

  • Come up with a good business idea
  • Make a business plan
  • Arrange funding
  • Choose the company form
  • Find out what permits you need
  • Notify the Finnish Trade Register and the tax authorities
  • Take care of the insurances
  • Develop a bookkeeping system

As an entrepreneur you must be well-acquainted with your field of business and also with the laws related to it and to entrepreneurship in general. It’s also good to think beforehand what kind of customers you will have and how you market your business. Entrepreneurship always involves risks. Sufficient funding and careful planning are necessary.